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DSO Entity and ENTSO-E

DSO Entity and ENTSO-E approved the Joint Work Plan for 2024

DSO Entity and ENTSO-E are pleased to announce the publication of their Joint Work Plan for 2024-2025.

The plan demonstrates the ambition to deliver on the requirements of our legal mandates from Regulation (EU) 2019/943 and to enhance further our cooperation in our common mission as enablers of the energy transition.

The Joint Work Plan is action oriented and hence structured around 4 areas requiring significant changes to accommodate energy transition: 

            1. Energy System Flexibility, 

            2. Operating the System of Systems, 

            3. Grid Infrastructure Design, Planning and Deployment,

            4. Empowering the Final Consumer through Digitalisation.

Cooperation between DSO Entity and ENTSO-E is already well-established. Since 2022, our organizations have successfully collaborated on a number of key projects, such as Network Code on Demand Response and Network Code on Cyber Security.

The first formalization of the cooperation between our associations dates to 11 January 2022, when DSO Entity and ENTSO-E  signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which reflects our shared commitment to collaborate in various areas to support the transition to a carbon-neutral European energy system. The MoU also foresees the development and publication of the present Joint Work Plan.

Recent legislative developments such as the Electricity Market Design reform, as well as policy objectives developments, like the EU Action Plan for Grids or the EU Action Plan “Digitalising the energy system”, highlighted the need for closer collaboration and recognized the key role of the DSOs and TSOs in facilitating the energy transition.

The present Joint Work Plan is a platform for DSO Entity and ENTSO-E to continue our joint effort in key areas for a power system fit for a carbon-neutral Europe, as outlined in the EU Action Plan for Grids.

DSO Entity looks forward to working with ENTSO-E in the years to come, delivering on our common mission and joint objectives.

The Executive Summary of the Joint Work Plan is available here.