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DSO Entity published its factsheet on the labour and skill shortages in the energy sector after a yearlong campaign

In 2023, DSO Entity conducted an online side-campaign to the European Commission’s Year of Skills, with the objective to inform on the needs of the energy sector related to the problem of upskilling and reskilling the workforce to help achieving the energy transition. Staff and skills shortages are a huge challenge to make the energy transition happen and it cannot be overlooked. Under the umbrella of DSO Entity’s knowledge sharing pillar, the campaign set its eyes on assessing what DSOs are doing to cope with labour shortages and lack of a specialised workforce.

DSO Entity collected on-the-ground information thanks to the support of its members and various stakeholders on several areas of interest for DSOs. The campaign highlighted three main categories that required attention such as education, staff shortage and the need of having qualified staff with a good balance between hard and soft skills. As a side note, a remark was made on the underrepresentation of women in STEM and ICT sectors’ employment.The newly produced Factsheet summarises the female-oriented online campaign, disseminated on DSO Entity’s social media platforms.  

Read the Factsheet here

The sources for the factsheets are linked below:

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