Workshop: PCIs for DSOs - Good practices and potential barriers

Hybrid Event

PCIs for DSOs - Good Practices and Potential Barriers

DSO Entity is organising a hybrid workshop on "PCIs for DSOs - Good practices and potential barriers", scheduled for next July 4, from 9:00 to 11:30 (CET).

Given the shortcomings of funding opportunities for DSOs as indicated in the 
Grid Action Plan, DSO Entity was assigned to support the European Commission in enhancing visibility of the EU funding programmes dedicated to DSOs (Action Point 10 and Action Point 3b).

This workshop aims to inform our members about the process for a project to be declared PCI within the framework of the TEN-E regulation and the effect this has on the existing funding opportunities at the EU level. The workshop will be divided into a more theoretical part on the advantages of a project being identified as PCI, followed by a practical discussion delving deeper into specific project proposals to explore the "dos and don'ts".

Find the draft agenda here.